DUP defends our older people

29 November 2019

Paul Girvan, DUP candidate for South Antrim has said that in Parliament we will push for a fair deal for our older people.

Paul Girvan

Paul Girvan

The DUP manifesto contains commitments to:

The restoration of the free BBC licence fee for those aged over 75, for so long as the fee continues to exist.
The maintenance of the pensions triple lock and Winter Fuel Payments as a universal benefit.
Action on the unfairness of women pensioners with a suitable compensatory scheme established.

Mr Girvan said:

“The DUP has a strong track record of standing up for older people. In this Parliament we have done so and DUP MPs will continue to in the new Parliament being elected.

It was the DUP who forced the Tories to drop their threat to the pensions triple lock. As a consequence of our leadership pensioners from every corner of the United Kingdom were protected, not just in Northern Ireland.

In the new Parliament we will continue to defend the interests of our older people. It is only right and fair that people who worked hard and paid their tax and National Insurance can expect a little back from the government in return. The DUP will always defend our pensioners”.

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