Donaldson– “SF’s anti-DUP ad campaign will backfire”

17 May 2019

DUP Lagan Valley MP Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has said an anti-DUP pre-election advertisement by Sinn Fein confirms that people in Brussels are only interested in how the DUP do in this election.  Mr Donaldson said the ad will backfire as unionists will use this election to send a message to Brussels that they reject the backstop.

Donaldson– “SF’s anti-DUP ad campaign will backfire”

Mr Donaldson said,

“Sinn Fein are in the democracy deniers’ family in this election. They, along with others, don’t want to accept the will of the people from the 2016 referendum. This ad campaign is about misrepresenting and ignoring the will of those who believe in the Union and democracy.

The DUP has been the only Northern Ireland voice in the House of Commons speaking up those who want to deliver on the democratic vote and want to defend the Union by rejecting the backstop.  It has been the DUP who has stood firm and put the brakes on the UK rolling over to Brussels.

The European Union claim to be neutral brokers in the peace process yet have exploited genuine fears of border communities and sought to foist a deal on Northern Ireland unionists which would undermine the economic and constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom.

Whilst Sinn Fein want the wrong message sent to Brussels, unionists must use this election to send an unmistakeable message to London and Brussels.

Even Sinn Fein accepts that people far beyond these shores are watching the DUP vote.

I will be using the next few days to urge every unionist to vote Dodds 1 and then for other pro-union candidates.  I want to ensure that we send a message to Brussels that unionists want to deliver Brexit and defend the Union.”

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