Does Maskey’s disrespect represent Sinn Fein leadership’s view?

06 February 2018

South Belfast MP Emma Little Pengelly has called on Sinn Fein’s leadership to act following comments in a tweet from West Belfast MLA Alex Maskey

Emma Little Pengelly MP

Emma Little Pengelly

In the tweet he refers to Northern Ireland as a “putrid little statelet” and makes an apparent reference to the Provisional IRA justifying their terrorism as having secured civil rights.

The DUP MP said, “Alex Maskey’s description of Northern Ireland as a “putrid little statelet” exemplifies a continued attitude of disrespect within Sinn Fein. This is all the more offensive, as the reference is within a tweet appearing to justify terrorism. 

Time and time again, we see Sinn Fein representatives demanding standards from others which they are unwilling to uphold themselves. We are entitled to know whether such comments are representative of Mary Lou McDonald’s view when she talks about “unionist brothers and sisters”.  

To call Northern Ireland a “putrid little statelet” shows utter contempt to many who, like me, are deeply proud of the province and the wonderful people from across the community, and the achievements in so many of our sectors and citizens here and across the world. 

At present, people are questioning whether Mary Lou McDonald and Michelle O’Neill are either unwilling or unable to take action and demonstrate leadership. When the continued glorification of the Provisional IRA extends to the new President-elect it leads many to believe Sinn Fein’s supposedly new leadership is not willing to even attempt to demonstrate any new thinking or contrition for past action and atrocities. 

On the day we mark 100 years since the extension of voting rights for women, Alex Maskey chooses to offensively justify those who murdered innocent women like Joanne Mathers for the “crime” of collecting census forms.”

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