Dodds welcomes fresh PM commitments to integrity of the UK

29 March 2018

DUP Deputy Leader and North Belfast MP Nigel Dodds has welcomed the visit by the Prime Minister Theresa May to Northern Ireland on Thursday afternoon.

Nigel Dodds MP

DUP Deputy Leader, Leader of the DUP Parliamentary Party, Spokesman on Reform and Constitutional issues and Foreign Affairs

Nigel Dodds

Commenting, he said:

“The visit by the Prime Minister is a strong and sure signal that Northern Ireland as an integral part of the United Kingdom will not be left behind as we leave the European Union in one year's time.

Over the past twelve months Brussels has sought to use Northern Ireland's circumstances to weaken the UK hand in negotiations. In response, we have consistently emphasised that any border deal which separates Northern Ireland from Great Britain economically or politically would be unacceptable.

We welcome fresh commitments made today to protecting the ‘integrity of the United Kingdom as a whole’ and ensuring ‘no new barriers’ within the UK internal market as a result of Brexit. The Prime Minister's actions and words display essential, stable stewardship of the Union at a critical time.

Regardless of difference of opinion, whether unionist, nationalist, labour, conservative, remainer or Brexiteer, the best Brexit deal for the whole of United Kingdom will be secured if we stand together. I therefore echo the Prime Minister’s vision of a ‘strong’, ‘bright’ and ‘united’ future outside the EU.

Northern Ireland’s future does not lie within separate structures or rules set by Brussels. It will be as part of an independent United Kingdom. In this context, we share the Prime Minister’s desire to see an increase in local powers and local decision-making as soon as practically possible.

Moving forward, the DUP will continue to work closely with the Government, and with our friends on all benches at Westminster, in order to secure a sensible Brexit that delivers for everyone in Northern Ireland.”

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