Dodds condemns North Belfast device

23 April 2017

DUP Deputy Leader Nigel Dodds has condemned those responsible for an explosive device which was left outside the gates of a primary school.

Nigel Dodds MP

DUP Deputy Leader, Leader of the DUP Parliamentary Party, Spokesman on Reform and Constitutional issues and Foreign Affairs

Nigel Dodds

He said, "Those who constructed and planted this device clearly have no regard for any human life. Such a device could have caused devastation and we must all pay tribute to the work of those who have made the scene safe.

It is thought this was an attempt to murder police officers and that serves as a reminder once more for the entire community to unite in support of the forces of law and order in our country. It is a demonstration once again that there are small numbers of people determined to drag us back to violence and who will exploit any political vacuum. As a community we must demonstrate that they too will fail."

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