Depraved act of animal cruelty has shocked community - Lockhart

06 February 2018

DUP Upper Bann MLA Carla Lockhart has condemned the actions of those involved in killing a puppy in Lurgan.

Carla Lockhart MLA

Carla Lockhart

She has called on robust action to deal with animal cruelty.

Commenting Carla Lockhart said, “Since news of this incident has come to light there has been condemnation and outrage from across the community. This was a brutal attack on an 11 week dog, Sparky which died as a result of injuries sustained in this attack.

The community as a whole are shocked that mindless thugs thought it was funny to carry out this depraved act. The message is clear animal cruelty whatever form is not acceptable. It is not a game, nor is it entertainment and those responsible should face the full weight of the law.

Tough sentencing and convictions are important in cases of animal cruelty, however I also would again call for a central register for those convicted of animals cruelty to ensure that those who carry out such acts, are banned from keeping animals. Protection is needed against those who would seek to keep pets and animals, yet may carry out abuse, neglect or cruelty. We need to stamp out animal cruelty and send a message that these acts will not be tolerated in society.

The Police are investigating this incident and have issued an appeal for any evidence relating to Sparky’s death. If you have information, I would urge that it is brought forward to the PSNI to help bring justice against this brutal example of animal cruelty.”

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