Corbyn should apologise to victims for meeting shambles

25 May 2018

The DUP’s Foyle MLA Gary Middleton and East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell today reiterated their disappointment that Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn MP could not make time for a meeting with PIRA victims.

Corbyn should apologise to victims for meeting shambles

Gregory Campbell MP

DUP Spokesman on International Development and Cabinet Office

Gregory Campbell

They described his snub as a demonstration of ‘basic bad-manners and disrespect.”

They called for him to apologise to the victims, who live on, or close to the border.

Speaking today Mr Campbell said,

“It took ten days for Mr Corbyn's office to even acknowledge my invitation to meet victims of terror.  Even at that stage it was only an acknowledgement and no commitment to either accept or decline.  This is not only disappointing but it is downright disrespectful and basic bad-manners.

These victims have employment.  As soon as they heard he was coming to the border locality they indicated that they would like to meet with him. They needed sufficient notice to inform their employers and ensure arrangements could be made. The uncertainty continued for ten days.

Whilst Mr Corbyn’s office have apologised to me for how this invitation has been handled, actions speak louder than words.”

Mr Middleton said,

“The apology and excuses ring hollow, his disdain for them is incredible. This is a man who aspires to be Prime Minister. 

As an MLA, I do lots of meetings which are difficult but that’s my job. Mr Corbyn’s snub is bad manners and symbolic of the disrespect he has for victims of PIRA terrorism.

On the occasion of his next visit he needs to have a meeting like the one that should have occurred this time, to be top of his agenda next time.”

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