Clarke queries dropping of charges in imitation AK47 case

09 January 2019

South Antrim DUP MLA Trevor Clarke has said the decision to drop all charges against the man accused of pointing an imitation AK47 assault rifle at an Orange parade will not inspire confidence in the justice system.

Trevor Clarke MLA

Trevor Clarke

During a hearing at Antrim Magistrates Court the PPS said charges were being withdrawn because there was insufficient evidence.

Mr Clarke said, “This is a very concerning development that will do nothing to inspire confidence in our justice system. These videos were placed online for anyone to see, with the weapon plainly visible as was the Orange parade passing the house. His shouts of “Up the Provos” and “Up the IRA” were also plainly heard in the second video.

The individual in question accepted it was him who appeared in the videos, so it begs the question how a decision has been reached at this stage that there is insufficient evidence to proceed with the case.

People will undoubtedly be asking exactly what this individual would need to have done in order to be facing trial. Whilst he may now not face criminal sanction for his actions, the sectarian bigotry clearly on display will forever remain.”

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