Clarity needed for health care professionals on abortion legislation - Paisley

08 October 2019

North Antrim DUP MP Ian Paisley was due to raise an Urgent Question in the House of Commons on new guidance for health care professionals regarding abortion law in Northern Ireland.

Ian Paisley

Spokesman on Culture Media & Sport, Communities & Local Government and Energy & Climate Change.

Ian Paisley

This Urgent Question was not called and since Parliament is now prorogued for The Queen’s Speech, he intends to raise it again at the earliest opportunity in advance of 21st October.

He said, “The publication of these guidelines poses more questions than answers for health care professionals. As we move towards 21st October it is vitally important that there is complete clarity and proper protections are in place.

Northern Ireland has had this piece of legislation thrust upon us. It has not received proper consultation or scrutiny. Just last week Health Care Professionals spoke out against abortion legislation, and called, in particular, for clarity around conscientious objection. The fear is that the paper released by the NIO provides no such comfort.

Today my questions were not answered in the Chamber. I and my colleagues firmly believe that both lives matter and to that end I will be seeking further clarity, from the Northern Ireland Secretary of State when Parliament returns after The Queen’s speech.

Ultimately what we need is an Executive up and running. The DUP are determined to get Stormont back up and running. It's time for SF and others to come to the table with the same sense of urgency.”

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