Chancellor highlights need for a better way forward

28 November 2018

DUP MP Ian Paisley has said the Chancellor’s comments that the United Kingdom would be worse off under the current Withdrawal Agreement highlight the need to seek a better deal.

Ian Paisley MP

Spokesman on Culture Media & Sport, Communities & Local Government and Energy & Climate Change.

Ian Paisley

He said,

“Once again the public are being faced with a false choice when the Chancellor frames his economic forecasts between either the Withdrawal Agreement as it currently stands or leaving the EU with no deal.

What the Chancellor does recognise however is that the Withdrawal Agreement is not good for the United Kingdom. Last week the Chancellor admitted the backstop is bad for the economy and bad for the Union. There is no enthusiasm for this deal and it appears destined to be rejected by Parliament.

Now is the time to look beyond the current deal, to bin the backstop and work on finding a better way forward. This process could commence now instead of waiting until after the House of Commons has its say and the Government is then directed to think again. Everyone wants to see a successful outcome to this process but continuing to press ahead with the current deal will not achieve that.

It’s time to grasp the nettle and seek a better way forward.”

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