Call for Irish PM to engage with unionists on anti-democratic backstop

03 September 2019

Speaking after the Prime Minister’s statement to the House of Commons, DUP Deputy Leader Nigel Dodds said,

Nigel Dodds

DUP Deputy Leader, Leader of the DUP Parliamentary Party, Spokesman on Reform and Constitutional issues and Foreign Affairs

Nigel Dodds

“The backstop is key to the failure of the Withdrawal Agreement to pass the House of Commons. The anti-democratic nature of the backstop is too often ignored. It would see laws made in Brussels impacting the economy of Northern Ireland with no-one in London or Belfast able to vote on them or even ask a question about them.

The backstop is put forward as necessary for the defence of the Belfast Agreement yet stands against the principle in both that agreement and the St Andrews Agreement which require the consent of both unionists and nationalists in Northern Ireland. There is no unionist party that supports the backstop.

These are points which could be made directly to Leo Varadkar if the Irish Prime Minister would drop his refusal to sit down and engage directly with unionist representatives. When we hear so much about conciliation and progress I hope that when our Prime Minister meets his Irish counterpart he might be able to encourage Mr Varadkar to engage with unionists on this vitally important issue.”

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