Buchanan condemns attack on police officers in Strabane

22 March 2017

DUP MLA Tom Buchanan has condemned the attack on police officers in Strabane. A device exploded whilst officers were patrolling in the area yesterday evening.

Thomas Buchanan MLA

Thomas Buchanan

The West Tyrone representative said, “This is the latest attempt to murder police officers in Strabane. Over the last few years there has been a number of such attempts as well as a series of other security alerts where the components for explosive devices have been uncovered.

We are all thankful that no one was injured in this latest incident, but there is a clear determination from those behind these attacks to drag Northern Ireland back to a time of violence and fear. There must be a united and resolute stand from right across the political spectrum to such activities. They can never be justified and that should be the message emanating from all those in a position of leadership within the Strabane area.”

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