Bradley welcomes publication of Bengoa Report

25 October 2016

DUP members of the Assembly have welcomed the Health Minister’s statement on the Bengoa Report.

Paula Bradley MLA

Chair of the Health Committee.

Paula Bradley

DUP MLA and Chair of the Assembly’s Health Committee Paula Bradley said, “Firstly, I want to thank Professor Bengoa and his colleagues for this report into healthcare provision in Northern Ireland, which was initiated by the Minister's DUP predecessor.

There is a clear need for change in our health system to make it more effective for staff and patients, so that the highest standard of quality care delivered. It is important that we have a first class health system to meet population and increasing demands on services.

I welcome that the Executive are committed to transforming Health and Social Care here in Northern Ireland. I am encouraged that the Minister has committed her Department to implementing Professor Bengoa’s report, tackling waiting lists and reforming general practice and hospital services which directly impact on patients. It is important that we increase investment in our health service year, on year. Today's report is something that should be void of politics. Too often that has blocked progress in the past. We should all work together to ensure that the people of Northern Ireland have a sustainable, forward looking, first class health system.”

Bradley continued, “Already healthcare staff do an excellent job, going over and beyond the call of duty on many occasions. I want to commend them for their commitment and dedication to patients and I hope this report goes some way to addressing some of the challenges that exist.

I welcome the engagement process, which will begin to configure our health service. There are challenges ahead but we need to work together and engage fully in this positive step forward for our health service. We have a great many positives in our health service locally, and it is the DUP's intention to try to make Northern Ireland a world leader that can serve as an example to other regions grappling with the demographic challenges in health care.”

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