Bowel cancer screening test is latest impact of refusal to restore Executive

16 August 2017

North Belfast MLA Paula Bradley has said that the inability to introduce new bowel cancer screening tests is the latest example of how a refusal to establish the Executive is impacting upon the people of Northern Ireland.

Paula Bradley MLA

Chair of the Health Committee.

Paula Bradley

She said,  “The inability to introduce a new bowel cancer screening test because there is no Health Minister in place is the latest direct impact on people of Sinn Fein’s refusal to restore devolution. The development comes as waiting times for investigations, treatments and surgery continue to spiral further out of control.

There was a great deal of coverage over the last few weeks that there is no Infrastructure Minister in place to introduce regulations that would allow e-bike users to use their bike on the roads.  That is hugely frustrating for e-bike users, but this is truly an issue of life and death.

What the issues have in common however is that had the Ministers in charge of the relative Departments not walked away from devolution then we need not be facing these problems. When the previous Health Minister was clearing her desk and justifying her Party’s decision to tear down devolution she will have known exactly the impact her actions could have.

Sinn Fein must justify why a test to improve bowel cancer survival rates is less important to them than their narrow political agenda which is preventing the formation of an Executive. Republicans should finally face some belated questioning about the real impact of their politicking.”

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