Blair needs to get real on NI Brexit scaremongering tactics

01 March 2018

East Antrim DUP MP Sammy Wilson has called on Tony Blair and John Major to “dial down the rhetoric” about violence in Northern Ireland as a result of Brexit.

Sammy Wilson MP

DUP Parliamentary Spokesman on Education, Treasury and the Department of Work & Pensions.

Sammy Wilson

Mr Wilson said,

“In some quarters, the pain of leaving the EU is still raw and they will use any trick in the book to make sure Brexit is not a success, but you have to draw the line when has-been politicians use the troubles situation in Northern Ireland for their own ends.

They should be ashamed of themselves for using the hard won relative peace in Northern Ireland to attempt to overthrow Brexit plans. Just like the plans by IRA terrorists to blow us out of the UK failed, so their plans to keep the UK within the EU will also fail.

Yet again Tony Blair and John Major have used dangerous scaremongering tactics to say that leaving the EU will lead to violence in Northern Ireland. Nothing could be further from the truth. Such dangerous language allows wannabe terrorists to have an excuse. It is time for them to dial down their rhetoric.

Today the Northern Ireland related terrorist threat level has been reduced in Great Britain. It’s time Tony Blair realised that while dissident republicans still try to disrupt Northern Ireland, their campaign is not because of Brexit. The good people of Northern Ireland have ensured that the peace process continues and will continue. It isn’t because of the influence of an EU, unelected bureaucrat.

Former Prime Ministers playing to the crowd and fighting for relevance is no reason to trot out dangerous language about violence in Northern Ireland.”

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