BBC need to deal with gender pay gap - Paisley

09 January 2018

DUP MP Ian Paisley has questioned the BBC’s handling of the gender pay gap following the resignation of BBC’s China editor Carrie Gracie.

Ian Paisley MP

Spokesman on Culture Media & Sport, Communities & Local Government and Energy & Climate Change.

Ian Paisley

He said, “The gender pay gap is one that must be addressed and recently with the salaries published of some BBC staff, it has brought this issue to the fore.

Carrie Gracie is one of many within the BBC who are aggrieved at the gender pay gap that exists in the corporation. The case for change within the BBC is apparent. They need to step up and deal with the blatant issues facing them.

Today I raised this particular issue in the House of Commons with the new DCMS Secretary of State Matt Hancock MP. The BBC has a systemic problem in dealing with pay equality and appears to have no satisfactory solution. This isn’t a matter of simply increasing pay of women colleagues, but pay equality and I am glad that the Secretary of State recognises the importance of this issue.” 

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