Amendments would have given practical effect to Government promises: Wilson

08 January 2020

Commenting on amendments tabled to the EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill, DUP Chief Whip Sammy Wilson MP said,

Sammy Wilson

DUP Parliamentary Spokesman on Education, Treasury and the Department of Work & Pensions.

Sammy Wilson

“It is disappointing that the Government opposed a united Northern Ireland effort to ensure the government meets its promises on unfettered access to the UK market for Northern Ireland.

This was a positive amendment which sought nothing more than to ensure the government honoured its promises and that the Conservative Party’s manifesto commitment was delivered upon. The amendment would have removed the uncertainty within the Bill as it stands where Ministers could potentially not bring forward regulations, or indeed access to the UK market could be subject to huge numbers of checks and costly administration.

The amendment would have ensured that access to the UK market was guaranteed and that it would be truly unfettered on the movement of goods both on an East-West and West-East basis.

Every Northern Ireland MP in the House of Commons supported this proposal, such is the degree of concern about the impact on the Northern Ireland economy if we do not have such access to our largest market. The Government’s own assessments state there will be an impact on the Northern Ireland economy from the Withdrawal Agreement.

The best way for the government to demonstrate that they truly wish to deliver on their promises to Northern Ireland would have been to support amendments which would have given practical effect to their words.”

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