Access to mental health services shouldn’t be constant battle - Bradley

27 September 2018

Responding to the ‘Still Waiting’ report launched by the NI Commissioner for Children and Young people, DUP Health spokesperson and North Belfast MLA, Paula Bradley said,

Paula Bradley MLA

Chair of the Health Committee.

Paula Bradley

“Access to services for our young people shouldn’t be a constant battle. We need must deal with the increasing scale of our children and young people who cannot access proper mental health support services.

Today education continues to be a key component in helping to reduce stigma and good work has been done in this area over the years. We can’t become complacent on that. Furthermore, we can’t we have a situation in which people recognise they need help and they cannot access it. This can lead to dire consequences.

Recognising our health service is under pressure, the DUP secured £50 million for mental health. Mental health statistics for Northern Ireland are stark and indiscriminate. Nobody should be left ‘Still waiting’. Nobody should be left suffering, providing self diagnosis or self medicating. We recognise the importance of timely investment which can aid achieve better outcomes. Whilst we secured vital funding as a result of our Confidence and Supply Agreement, we also realise that there must be transformation of our health care system.

Transformation in health requires a system that works together and an Executive in place to push for a better support and help, for our most vulnerable. As a progressive society we cannot leave people behind, particularly our children and young people who are the future.”

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