Absence of a Health Minister ‘unforgivable’ - Lockhart

22 November 2019

Upper Bann Westminster candidate Carla Lockhart has said the absence of a Health Minister is unforgivable at a time when waiting times in Craigavon Area Hospital are growing.

Carla Lockhart MLA

Carla Lockhart

Carla Lockhart said,

“This week Craigavon Area Hospital had waiting times of more than 12 hours. This is unacceptable and the people of Northern Ireland deserve better.

Our health service needs transformation, that’s why we secured £100 million as a result of our confidence and supply agreement. However money won’t fix all the issues facing our health service.

We need a functioning Executive. Those sitting in our A&E hospital wards tonight do not care about the long list of demands that Sinn Fein have. Patients want access to healthcare as quick as possible. It’s time Sinn Fein face up to that reality. They need to get back into the Assembly Chamber and start dealing with the mounting issues affecting our hospitals, schools and roads.

A Minister taking decisions is needed, not one that walks out the door with key decisions piled on their desk. With no Executive, Northern Ireland does not have a clean bill of health because of Sinn Fein’s intransigence. The DUP wants to get Northern Ireland moving again. We want the Assembly up and running and it’s time others deal with matters with the same urgency.”

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