Campbell calls on EU to define what ‘hard border’ looks like

23 January 2019

DUP East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has called on the European Commission to explain what a so-called ‘hard border’ would look like.

Gregory Campbell MP

DUP Spokesman on International Development and Cabinet Office

Gregory Campbell

Mr Campbell was speaking after Sir Stephen Laws, First Parliamentary Counsel 2006-2012, gave evidence to the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee where he accepted the term ‘hard border’ was broad and would need to be defined.

Commenting Mr Campbell said,

“This term has been deliberately used by those wanting to overthrow the referendum result.  They want to conjure up connotations of check points, trench coats, barbed wire and guns.  It is a disgraceful attempt to frighten sincere people who live along the border of Northern Ireland and the Republic.

Sir Stephen Laws is an experienced legislative drafter.  He recognised [Wednesday 23 Jan] in the evidence session that the term ‘hard border’ is broad and would need defined.  This is further proof the empty rhetoric which is being used.

I welcome his statement because our party representatives have been calling on the EU and others to define what they mean by a ‘hard border’. 

Yesterday the European Commission’s spokesman contradicted Jean Claude Juncker who told the Dail last June there would be no border infrastructure imposed by the EU. The spokesman casually claimed there would ‘obviously’ be a hard border if there was no deal.

It is high time people in Brussels who have never spent a night anywhere near the border, stopped bandying around emotive terms which are heavy with connotations but light on any fact.”

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