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2017 Assembly Election Broadcast

08 February 2017

The second DUP Party Election Broadcast for the 2017 Assembly election campaign.

Tougher sentences needed for animal cruelty

23 February 2017

DUP East Belfast candidate, Joanne Bunting has highlighted the need for a new, tougher sentencing…

Joanne Bunting

Middleton condemns those responsible for suspicious devices

22 February 2017

DUP Assembly candidate Gary Middleton has condemned those responsible for leaving a suspicious devices…

Gary Middleton

Weir addresses Educational Underachievement Conference

21 February 2017

Education Minister Peter Weir today addressed a conference focused on tackling educational underachievement.…

Peter Weir

North Down candidates condemn attack

21 February 2017

North Down DUP Assembly Candidates Alex Easton and Gordon Dunne have condemned an attack on a car…

Gordon Dunne

UUP divisions and contradictions highlighted once again

21 February 2017

DUP candidate Joanne Bunting has welcomed comments from Ulster Unionist Councillor Jim Rodgers that…

Joanne Bunting

2017 DUP Manifesto Launch -  Party Leader’s Speech

20 February 2017

Speaking at the launch of the Party’s manifesto for the 2017 Assembly election DUP Leader Arlene…

Arlene Foster

Bradley – O’Neill decision harming patients

20 February 2017

DUP North Belfast candidate, Paula Bradley, has expressed disappointment that a decision has been…

Paula Bradley

Logan expresses sympathy after sudden death

19 February 2017

DUP North Antrim Assembly candidate Phillip Logan has expressed sympathy after a sudden death on…

Phillip Logan

Foster: Unionism must enter negotiations from a position of strength

17 February 2017

Addressing Party members in Newry & Armagh on Friday evening DUP Leader Arlene Foster pointed…

Arlene Foster

O’Neill trying to advance narrow republican agenda - Buchanan

16 February 2017

Mid Ulster DUP candidate Keith Buchanan has said that Michelle O’Neill’s promise to help “heal…

Keith Buchanan

Only a working Assembly can deliver more affordable homes

16 February 2017

East Antrim DUP Assembly Candidate Gordon Lyons has highlighted how we need a working Assembly to…

Gordon Lyons

Government must apply IHAT precedent to Northern Ireland

16 February 2017

DUP Lagan Valley candidate, Brenda Hale, has welcomed the decision by the Government to close down…

Brenda Hale

Labour Market Statistics promising picture for economy

16 February 2017

East Antrim DUP candidate Gordon Lyons has welcomed the latest Labour Market Statistics published…

Gordon Lyons

Investing in young people a key priority

16 February 2017

Fermanagh and South Tyrone candidate Maurice Morrow has said investing in our young people is a priority,…

Maurice Morrow

Clarke – DUP delivers on Low Rates pledge

16 February 2017

South Antrim DUP Assembly Candidate Trevor Clarke has welcomed the decrease in the district rate of…

Trevor Clarke

Douglas welcomes celebration of Polish history

14 February 2017

DUP Candidate, David Douglas, has welcomed Party Leader, Arlene Foster to East Belfast to meet with…

Only an Assembly will prioritise our rural towns and villages

14 February 2017

DUP Strangford candidate, Peter Weir has commented on the need for continued investment and support…

Peter Weir

Do UUP candidates share their leader’s desire for more nationalist MLAs?

12 February 2017

DUP Deputy Leader Nigel Dodds has called on Ulster Unionist Assembly candidates to speak out after…

Nigel Dodds

Londonderry a cold house for veterans?

10 February 2017

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has commented onnews that organisers of a parade by veterans…

Gregory Campbell

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